Stunning Natural Stone Slab Custom Desks by Elite Stone

Elite Stone fabrication and assembly of a recent granite stone desk

If you are looking to refinish your home office’s desk or are installing a new built-in workstation in your home, consider natural stone for the desk’s surface. Whether a home or commercial office, study, or library, the luxurious looks of natural stone give a stunning first impression, boasting confidence and elegance.

Natural Stone provides many advantages such as:

• Scratch and Dent Resistant – if you write and don’t protect a wood surface with a blotter, you are more likely to see dents and scratches than with natural stone.

• Easy to Clean – Natural stone surfaces are easy to clean with either specialized cleaners or plain water. When drinks or food are spilled on wood surfaces, it can harbor bacteria even if you wipe it down quickly while scrubbing can dull or scratch the finish.

• Long Lasting – With proper sealing, stone desktops can last far longer than wood. Heat from laptops won’t affect the finish or look of a natural stone desktop.

• Versatile Look – Wood is usually either painted or stained leaving the color the focus. Natural stone comes in a variety of colors and every slab’s pattern is unique so you can pick the look you want for your home office with the beautiful designs that stone offers.

Your dream desk, coffee, or  end table inspiration will come to life at our fabrication center and delivered to your home or office by our team of experienced installers for setup and inspection.

Natural Stone Desk Setup

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