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Marble is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock, formed underground through gradual recrystallization of carbonate minerals under immense amounts of pressure. This has resulted in a wide variety of materials, from soft white marble primarily used in sculpture to multicolored and incredibly dense types used in architecture. All types of marble feature characteristic swirls and veins, providing a unique visual aspect to the material. From the Washington Monument to the Taj Mahal, countless structures have been built from marble over the centuries.

As a construction material, marble can add an eye-catching focal point to any room, especially with pronounced veining and rare color splashes. In the hands of skilled craftsmen, it is versatile and easy to work with, producing beautiful bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops, and more. Choose marble if your priority is having a stunning natural surface able to complement all other design elements.

The Benefits

Luxuriously Beautiful: Pick a slab with pronounced veining or coloration.
Uniquely Textured: A very solid stone that feels remarkably soft to the touch.
Heat-Resistant: Marble surfaces are known to hold up amazingly well to heat and fire.
Timelessly Elegant: Marble can withstand the passage of time remarkably well.

The Downsides

High Density: Like granite, marble can be too heavy to install in some spaces.
High Price Point: That luxurious look rarely comes cheap.
Chance of Staining: Must be sealed regularly to keep stains away.
Chance of Chipping: Not all marble resists impact as well as other stones.

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