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Granite is a naturally occurring magmatic rock, formed in the Earth’s crust by way of slow solidification over millions of years. Extremely sturdy, it resists abrasion and weathering very well. It has been used as a building material throughout human history, with monuments carved from natural formations and buildings composed of massive blocks queried nearby.

In modern times as well, granite has been a popular choice among builders and designers. It is appreciated not only for its unparalleled hardness but also for the wide array of decorative options that it provides. Slabs of granite come in a wide variety of patterns and colors, fabricated and installed with great care. Whether looking for a fireplace, a set of stairs, or a kitchen countertop, you simply won’t go wrong with granite.

The Benefits

High Durability: An extremely hard material, resists chipping, weathering, and staining.
Low Maintenance: When sealed properly, granite surfaces are easy to clean.
Visual Appeal: Smooth, elegant, highly variable. No two slabs of granite are the same!
Value for Money: Granite fixtures reliably increase the resale value of your property.
Sanitation: While somewhat porous, granite is also naturally resistant to bacteria.

The Downsides

Weight: Extremely dense, granite slabs are rarely placed high above the ground.
Porousness: Granite typically requires sealing to avoid gradual liquid absorption.
Price: While still expensive, granite has been growing more affordable over the years.

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