Spencer Lee Autograph Signing at ESF

Elite University of Iowa wrestler Spencer Lee All American and 3-time NCAA winner

Spencer Lee, University of Iowa 3-time NCAA wrestling champ and All American will be at the Elite Stone selection center to sign autographs. This event will be on Friday, August 20th from 12:30 until 2:00 PM. The Elite Stone selection center is located at 941 Meyers Drive in Lisbon, Iowa. You may bring your item to autograph, otherwise autograph cards will be provided by Elite Stone. Free food and refreshments will also be served.

One of Wrestling’s Most Celebrated Wrestlers

Spencer Lee is one of the most celebrated wrestlers in collegiate history. Some of his accomplishments include:

  • 3-time NCAA champion (one of only 7 in program history)
  • 2-time coveted Hodge trophy winner
  • All American
  • Big 10 wrestler of the year and medal of honor winner
  • Academic All-Big Ten and NCAA Academic Scholar

Work Hard and Be the Best You Can

In less than six months, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games will begin in Beijing, China. Spencer also his sights set on qualifying for the 2022 Men’s US Olympic Team. He’s, a champion who’s foundation is built on hard work and the never-ending pursuit of being the best.

“There is no one better than Spencer to match the culture of Elite Stone” says Elite Stone owner Eric Krob. He embodies everything our company aspires to be. You might say, wrestling is embedded in every aspect of who we are. In fact, many of our employees are also state wrestling champions, place winners, and qualifiers. “We’ve also adopted Spencer’s famous quote, excuses are for wusses“, added Krob.
ESF will never stop their pursuit of excellence, like Spencer  Lee on becoming one of the best wrestlers in the history of the sport.

Elite Stone Mission

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