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By Dotcom Design 30 Oct, 2017

Once you have determined the overall look and style you want to go for with your new kitchen design and remodel, it is time to start looking at the materials you will use the countertops. The kitchen countertops endure almost daily use and a lot of abuse over the years. Careful consecration must be given to the materials used in your kitchen design!

As a mostly maintenance-free option, limestone countertop materials are very popular for new kitchen installs. This material is scratch, heat, stain, acid, and impact resistant- all without the need for expensive sealing. The material is available in many styles and it comes in a range of colors so it is easy to find something that will fit with your current design.

This has been the top choice for many homeowners and is seen as one of the traditional styles of countertops that are still a best seller because of the durability, finish, look, and price. The natural color patterns and variations are one of the main selling points for this material.

While it is relatively a maintenance-free material, limestone countertops do still need to be taken care of though and it is important to wipe up all stains quickly and maintain a seal on the surface. This ensures it is not stained and discolored by the normal daily wear and tear.

It can be a little overwhelming to choose materials for your kitchen counters, but with the right understanding, you can make a choice that works best for you and your kitchen design. For the best limestone countertops, Cedar Rapids has to offer, contact Elite Stone fabrication today!

By Dotcom Design 30 Oct, 2017

Your countertops are one of the most important fixture and decision you make for your kitchen and bath area. You want something stylish yet durable. It must be a product that will last and capable of handling your active family lifestyle. Homeowners choose quartz stone style countertops for many reasons. First being they are completely unique. Professional installers will cut your countertop specific to the size of your area then polish it which protects the top layer from chipping. The professionals with Countertops Cedar Rapids, IA  offers a wide selection and expert staff to get your new home project professionally installed.  

Quartz stone countertops offer color scheme variations to choose from. The homeowner truly has countertops colors unique to their home. Add the durability factor to quartz stone and you have another reason why these countertops are so popular. Quartz countertops can handle hot pans, harsh cleaners, glue and other crafts, bathroom and kitchen spills and more. Learn more about Countertops Cedar  by going online and visiting their store to make an appointment for a consultation. They are the experts in installing countertops for a perfect fit that last.

Investing in new Countertops Cedar  is a big decision. You want to make sure you select the right product for your home and your budget. At Countertops Cedar Rapids, IA  their experts are here to help you make the right selection that meets your countertop needs and is budget friendly. They are a company in business for decades making them leaders and experts in the industry. Go online and make your appointment to get your new countertops installed today.

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