Stone is a timeless touch of elegance that transforms both living and work spaces into an area that is distinctly unique. It not only adds character to a room but, when properly cared for, also has a significant amount of durability that accounts for its longevity. 


Soapstone is a beautiful product of nature that has been used in a variety of applications over the centuries. Even though it’s a relatively soft product and can be scratched easier than other products, it is non-porous and requires minimal maintenance. Unlike granite, soapstone only requires the application of mineral oil to enhance the natural darkening process. The oil does not seal or protect the stone, it only expedites the natural darkening process.

Using a mild household cleaner will not harm soapstone but may remove any oil that you have applied. Because of that, using soap and water is recommended for daily maintenance.

Scratches will eventually show in soapstone but can be sanded out with the proper grit sandpaper and oiled to darken repaired area.



Like anything, taking proper care of your granite can result in a fresh look and long term enjoyment. To keep granite surfaces clean, use a microfiber cloth to keep aarea dust free adding water on an as-needed basis. With a damp cloth and a neutral pH stone cleaner, wipe down surface weekly. Harsh chemicals or abrasives can damage granite surface and should never be used. Both water-based or oily products, such as olive oil, can stain granite surfaces if left too long. Use hot water and mild soap to rinse away any unwanted material.

Seasonal inspection and maintenance on a granite surface will ensure its long term beauty. When water no longer beads up on a granite surface, a fresh application of sealer should be applied. Additionally, scratches, chips and stains can degrade the overall look of your granite and should be addressed to maximize its beauty.


While engineered stone is a non-porous material that is highly resistant to stains, scratches and heat, proper maintenance is highly recommended. Click on each manufactures link for proper care and



Unique in its beauty, the care and maintenance of marble surfaces mimic that of granite. It is, however, a softer and more porous material which increases the susceptibility to scratching, pitting, chipping and staining.

Using a microfiber cloth, dust marble surface at least once a week. For wet-cloth cleaning, use a pH
neutral cleaner designed for stone care and maintenance. Regular household cleaners or abrasive pads
can damage or dull the surface of marble.

Using proper care products, marble surfaces should be resealed regularly to maintain its natural beauty.
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