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By Dotcom Design 12 May, 2017

Are you looking for the best countertops in Cedar Rapids, IA but aren't sure about the proper measurements? Thankfully, this process isn't as difficult as you'd think. All you need to do is make sure they follow these criteria:

The Height From The Floor – Your counters should be installed at least 34-36 inches above the floor. However, you can also install them higher or lower depending on your height. You should be able to comfortably rest your elbows on it while preparing food.

Clearance Between The Counters And Shelves – Your counters are likely to have shelving of some kind above them. To create the most comfortable countertops Cedar Rapids, IA has ever seen, create about 15-20 inches clearance.

The Depth Of Your Countertops – Generally speaking, countertop depth maxes out at about 24-inches. However, they may be deeper to accommodate larger appliances. For each inch you add, however, you decrease your circulation area.

The Space Between Countertops – The circulation space or movement area between your countertops is important to consider. The best countertops Cedar Rapids, IA has to offer have at least 48-inches of circulation space or so. While you may be able to get away with less, it won't be as comfortable.

By following these guidelines, you can create the kind of countertops in Cedar Rapids, IA that you've always dreamed of owning. They will look great in your kitchen, provide you with room to cook, and create a style that makes them unique. Don't hesitate to contact a professional if you need help with this process.

By Dotcom Design 03 Apr, 2017

The granite counter-tops Cedar Rapids, IA makes available have proven to be popular among homeowners. This is because of the numerous benefits that homeowners enjoy when they install the materials on their surfaces. As a prospective homeowner, you should know as much as possible about granite. This information will help you to decide whether the material will serve you as well as it serves other people. It is also important to remember that there are other materials that offer effective alternatives to granite.

Will my granite surface etch?

Etching refers to damage to surfaces when acids from alcohols, lemons or cleaning agents come into contact with certain minerals in the stone. Most granite materials will not etch when they come into contact with these acids. However, since there are exceptions, you should find out when buying the material.

Can I cut on my granite counter-tops?

Yes but you may want to use a cutting board. Granite is a hard material that will dull your knife in case you cut directly on the surface. In some cases, you may notice slivers of your knife on the counter-top. The slivers are difficult to remove, making it important to use a cutting board.

Will granite scratch or burn?

All the granite counter-tops Cedar Rapids, IA gives you access to will not burn or scratch. You will only notice permanent marks on the surface if you try so hard to scratch it or apply extremely high temperatures.

Is granite expensive?

Today, the granite counter-tops Cedar Rapids residents buy are quite affordable, thanks to modern technology. You will not have to worry too much about the price if granite is your preferred material.

The counter-top material you choose will depend on the type of tasks you plan to do as well as how frequently you plan to use your kitchen or bathroom. The best granite counter-tops Cedar Rapids makes available are designed to be strong and durable.

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