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By Dotcom Design 07 Jul, 2017

The beauty of marble transcends time. From the arts to architecture, marble has been a preferred material cherished for the qualities that it provides in appearance and use. For marble countertops Cedar Rapids, IA can depend on for many years, look no farther than Elite Stone Fabrication. With will experience superior craftsmanship and the satisfaction of gorgeous marble countertops  for your kitchen or bath.

How Do You Take Care of Your Marble Countertops?

  1. The marble will be treated with a sealant once it's completely installed. This will protect the surface from acidic juices like tomato juice as well as splashes from water.
  2. Dust it regularly so that the shine can stay as bright as ever. Clean up spills right away.
  3. Rather than cutting foods directly on your counter, use cutting boards. Marble has a softness which can be damaged by knives and other utensils.
  4. Use pH-neutral cleansers that will not damage the marble, and apply with a soft cloth rather than a brush.
  5. Reseal on a regular basis to continue enjoying the beauty of smooth, unstained marble.

Marble does take a little more care than the harder, less porous granite. However, marble countertops offer a smooth and soft-feeling beauty that granite can't quite provide.   Marble countertops Cedar Rapids, IA can appreciate are available with experienced, professional installation from E.S.F. The lasting artistic beauty and smooth, cool feel of marble will add many years of satisfaction to your kitchen or bathrooms.

By Dotcom Design 31 May, 2017

Durable, elegant, and timeless, granite can be one of the deciding factors when prospective home buyers are looking over houses. Its appeal comes from its quality, and for   granite countertops Cedar Rapids, IA   can depend upon,   Elite Stone Fabrication   is the source of the finest granite for counters that is available. We specialize in the careful examination of the granite we use, providing customers of our installations with years of satisfaction. After all, why make renovations if they'll turn into reminders of everything that went wrong? Avoid that completely. When making renovations to your home, don't overlook the beauty and added value that   granite countertops   bring to your kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms. Rely on   Elite Stone Fabrication to perform our installations in the professional and quality-oriented way that brings lasting beauty and value to your home.

While granite countertops remain a popular choice among home owners, do they require any special care? Here are the simple steps that assure long lasting value for those   granite countertops Cedar Rapids, IA   appreciates from   Elite Stone Fabrication:

  • experienced installation
  • be certain the countertop is sealed properly
  • clean regularly with soap and water
  • have the seal inspected and resealed every fifteen years

Granite countertops   add a sleek look to kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, in-home bars, and other places in the home. Granite is hard working while never looking anything but glossy and beautiful. Easy care makes granite a premier choice in classy countertops. Contact us today.

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