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Limestone is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock, forming primarily in shallow marine environments from calcium carbonate crystals over hundreds of millions of years. Due to its prevalence and relatively low density, it has seen use in art and architecture in almost every corner of the Earth. From the Pyramids of Giza to the Empire State Building, limestone is found literally everywhere.

In homebuilding, limestone has long been a popular material choice, particularly for floor tiling or fireplace fixtures. Due to the specifics of its formation, it does not come in a wide variety of colors, but if you’re content to pick from gray, cream, and tan, you won’t go wrong choosing limestone.

The Benefits

Distinctive Appearance: Limestone’s light, warm, earthy tones are unmistakable.
Easy to Shape: Easy to work with, limestone can be designed in a variety of ways.
Easy to Clean: Non-porous when sealed, limestone will keep the germs away.
Improves Over Time: Time will only add a beautiful patina to your limestone fixtures.
Highly Affordable: Easily the most cost-effective type of natural stone material.

The Downsides

Low Density: Not quite as difficult to chip or crack as other materials.
High Maintenance: As with other types of natural stone, sealing is essential.

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