Why Granite Countertops?

    Granite is a unique material, and no two slabs are quite the same. Homeowners who want unique and elegant countertops often choose granite for their material.

    Granite is one of the hardest stones in the world. For this reason, granite countertops are extremely durable and resistant to chipping and cutting,making them an excellent material choice for countertops.

    Granite countertops 
    are often a key selling point when selling your home. Not only can they sway potential buyers, they increase the value of your home as well.
    Granite is a very clean surface and when sealed properly is easy to cleanoff. You can clean granite countertops with a few drops of dish soap, warm water, and a washrag. It is an excellent low maintenance material.

These are just a few of the reasons that homeowners often turn to granite as the leading material for their countertops.
Picture of Granite Countertops
Picture of Granite Countertops
Picture of Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops: High Durability, Low Maintenance

While placing hot pots or cutting on granite’s surface is never recommended, one of the reasons homeowners often turn to granite countertops is due to its extreme durability. Granite is very unlikely to break, scratch, or burn. It is also very low maintenance. While it is recommended to have your granite countertops inspected and resealed once every 15 years, the most you need to do to maintain your countertops is to clean them with soap and warm water.

Granite Countertops

by Elite Stone Fabrication

Installing granite countertops in your home can add a uniqueness that is incomparable to other materials. For decades, granite has been one of the leading materials for countertops, and often considered the king of countertops when it comes to the ideal countertop material. If you are considering having granite countertops installed in your home, consider Elite Stone Fabrication. We provide quality material for your countertopsand professional installation. No matter what you need to use our granite for, whether it is for vanities, islands, countertops and more, we can help you transform your home with our high quality granite material. For many years now Elite Stone Fabrication has been providing granite countertops to help refresh and update the countertops for homeowners in Iowa City & Cedar Rapids. Come see why we are one of the leading companies in the area. 

Why Elite Stone Fabrication for Your Granite Countertops?

Elite Stone Fabrication has been supplying the Iowa City & Cedar Rapids communities with high end, high quality material for many years. While many companies are not selective on the material they carry in their stores, Elite Stone Fabrications carefully chooses the right material for your granite countertops, only supplying the very best for you to select from. If you plan on installing granite in your home, whether it is to make it a more beautiful living space, increase the resale value, or provide a key selling point, Elite Stone Fabrication can help you by supplying, installing, and sealing your granite countertops.
Picture of Granite Countertops
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