Why Engineered Stone Countertops?

Although many people love natural stone, such as marble and granite, more homeowners are turning to engineered stone, such as quartz, for a beautiful alternative. There are many reasons for this, but the main driving factors behind the purchase of engineered stone countertops are cost efficiency and beauty. 
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    Quartz is relatively inexpensive compared to its granite competitor. Homeowners love that they can achieve a natural stone look at a great price, and maintain and enhabce the beauty in their home. Engineered stone countertops are a great choice for those looking to enhance their home’s beauty for a smaller price tag than what granite countertops have to offer.
    Quartz is a beautiful surface, and closely mimics the natural feel of granite. Manufacturers are able to create stunning patterns and mimic similar mineral streaks, enhancing the beauty in your home and creating a focal piece out of your countertops.

    As quartz is a manufactured surface, there are endless choices that you can select from when it comes to engineered stone countertops. While granite and other natural stone are limited to only what the earth has produced, manufacturers are able to add pigmentation and create mineral streaks in the final product that is sent to your home. This lets you match your countertops even more effectively to the rest of the interiors in your home. Come see the various options we have to choose from here at Elite Stone Fabrication.
    Engineered stone countertops are extremely durable, making them a great choice for your kitchen and bathroom. While other surfaces may chip, cut, or burn, quartz is a very durable and sturdy material that doesn’t succumb to sharp objects and hot pans. For this reason, many homeowners love having engineered stone countertops in their home.

Picture of Engineered Stone Countertops
Picture of Engineered Stone Countertops

Engineered Stone Countertops

by Elite Stone Fabrication

We provide the most beautiful, high quality engineered stone countertops to the Iowa City & Cedar Rapids communities. For years we have been the leading supplier for producers in the area, bringing you well know, respected brands such as Silestone Quartz, Hanstone Quartz, ColorQuartz Quartz Surfaces, Viatera Quartz, Zodiaq Quartz Surfaces, and Ceasarstone. While many homeowners choose our natural stone countertops, there are plenty of reasons you would want to choose engineered stone countertops for the surfaces in your home. Come and check out our selection of quartz and engineered stone countertopsand discover why more and more people are choosing Elite Stone Fabrication as their quality countertop producer. Not sure which surface is right for you? We have experienced professionals waiting to help you discover the right surface for your countertops.
Picture of Engineered Stone Countertops

Why Elite Stone Fabrication?

More and more homeowners are turning to us to create beautiful centerpieces in their home through their countertops. Engineered stone countertops are becoming more and more popular due to their appealing price, appearance, and extreme durability. Come see us at Elite stone Fabrication and see why so many homeowners in the Iowa City & Cedar Rapids areas are choosing us for their engineered stone countertops.
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