Are you getting ready to make the lucrative investment of natural or engineered stone in your home? This can increase the overall appearance and value of your home when completed by the right company. At Elite Stone Fabrications, we are experienced in counters, islands, vanities, tubs, showers, bar tops, fireplaces, furniture and virtually any other surface that needs stone added to it. Not sure what you want for your home? Stop by our shop and talk to one of our skilled professionals, take a look through our stone slabs, and let’s get started on your next big project. 


We have a huge selection of natural stone to help dress up your countertops, island, vanities, and more. High quality granite, soapstone, and marble can all be found here at Elite Stone Laminate. The stone you choose will depend on your desired level of care, the amount of the investment you’re ready to make, and the overall look of the room that you need stone installed in. 

Long considered the “king of countertops” granite is a great choice for kitchen countertops for a few reasons. Not only does it look stunningly beautiful, it is extremely durable and easy to clean. 
Marble is a very timeless stone material, and it has been around since the early Roman empire. Marble requires more caution to prevent chipping and scratching and adds an instant feeling of luxury to any room. 
The non-porous surface of soapstone requires minimal maintenance and ease of care, however it is more prone to scratching and chipping than granite is. You can darken the natural look of stone by applying mineral oil, ensuring that you remove all oil with soap and water after the process is complete. 

No matter what stone you choose to install in your home, one of our skilled professionals will be happy to help you select the right product and complete a high quality installation. Stop by or give us a call and discover the different ways we can help you achieve beautiful, natural stone in your home. 


Just like with natural stone, Elite Stone Fabrications has a huge selection of engineered stone available for purchase. It is an extremely durable surface with minimal care, making it a very appealing countertop material in kitchens and bathrooms. 

Unlike natural stone, engineered stone can have patterns and colors added to it during manufacturing. For this reason, many homeowners choose quartz to mimic the look of granite at a lesser cost. Elite Stone Fabrications carries the following engineered stone brands:
• Silestone Quartz
• Hanstone Quartz
• ColorQuartz Surfaces
• Viatera Quartz 
• Zodiaq Quartz Surfaces
• Ceasarstone 

Not sure which is right for you? Stop by and talk to one of our friendly professionals today!  


At Elite Stone Fabrications, we employ on the best professionals in the industry. With high quality installation and exceptional products, you can get the luxury of natural or engineered stone at a great price. Stop by today or give us a call and notice the Elite Stone Fabrications difference for yourself! 
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