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Elite Stone Fabrication: Your Countertop Supplier 

Searching for the right countertops? Cedar Rapids residents have been choosing Elite Stone Fabrication for all of their countertop needs for many years now. We are experts in the interior design and countertop industry and have experienced professionals to help guide you through your countertop selection. Whether you need engineered countertops, such as quartz, or marble, granite, soapstone, or limestone, we have the right options for you. As quality providers in the industry, we only offer the best stone from the greatest manufacturers in the industry. Come by Elite Stone Fabrication and see why we are the leading countertop supplier in the industry.
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The Right Choice for Your Natural Stone

No matter what your reason is for needing natural stone, we can help supply and install it. Islands, buffets, coffee tables, vanities, or countertops, Cedar Rapids residents need to look no further than Elite Stone Fabrication for their natural stone and countertops needs. We supply the following option for all of your natural stone needs: 
  • Marble
    A soft and timeless surface, used for many centuries to build sturdy and stunning buildings. An excellent choice for the homeowner who wants a touch of luxury.

  • Granite
    This earthy stone has long been considered the king of countertop materials. Granite is a great choice for those who want a durable surface with a luxurious look.

  • Soapstone
    Soapstone is a unique and beautiful choice for your countertops. It is easily shaped to any surface you need natural stone applied to in your home.

  • Limestone
    This is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a beautiful surface with a ton of longevity. When sealed properly, it is an excellent choice for bathroom and kitchen countertops as it repels bacteria. 

Whatever surface you need covered in your home, Elite Stone Fabrication can help with this. For all of your natural countertop needs, give us a call and find out why more people are choosing us for their natural stone. 

Engineered Stone: A Wonderful Choice

For those who need engineered stone, such as quartz, we are the leading supplier in the area for these types of countertops. Cedar Rapids residents have been turning to us for years for our quartz countertops as a way to be able to snag a luxurious countertop at a smaller price tag. Homeowners who choose engineered stone will relish in the following benefits:
  • Durable
    Engineered stone is extremely durable and withstands high heat and cutting.

  • Beautiful
    Closely mimicking the look of granite, engineered stone is a beautiful surface.
  • Cost Efficient
    Engineered stone has a smaller price tag than its granite competitor.  

  • Endless Options
    Engineered stone can be manufactured with various pigments and patterns to give you plenty of options for choosing the right color for your home.

When you come to Elite Stone Fabrication, you can expect to find only the leading suppliers for engineered stone countertops. Cedar Rapids residents have been turning to us for years for all of their engineered stone and quartz countertops needs.
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Why Elite Stone Fabrication?

Making the choice to purchase your natural and engineered stone countertops through us is making a choice to put a quality investment in your home. We are the leading supplier for high quality countertops, Cedar Rapids residents have trusted us for years to provide and install only the very best countertops in their home. Come by and see us here at Elite Stone Fabrication and learn why more people are choosing us for their natural and engineered stone countertops. 
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